~ Had my artwork published in the International SidCity CookBook.


~ The iRox! Shop is officially open, selling a variety of items with my iconic swirly style on Zazzle.

~ "Save My Soul" is officially listed on IMDb.

The film "Save My Soul" is officially accepted for screening at the New Media Film Festival as a World Premiere.

2016 new media film festival laurel tran

~ The "International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality" presented 5 Awards for the film 'Peace Man'.

~ Presented with Two Awards of Recognition by Best Shorts Competition for the film Save My Soul, the categories were Movie Trailer and Short Film.

~ Presented with Two Awards of Recognition by Accolade Global Film Competition for the film Save My Soul, the categories were Movie Trailer and Short Film.

~ My nature photography work featured at The Louvre Museum in Paris as part of the Exposure Photography Award Exhibition, courtesy of See.Me. Also had photography work from the exhibition published in 'The Animal Collection'.​

~ An interview article about my film 'Save My Soul' featured on the main homepage of the International Movie Trailer Festival website for two weeks.

award_of_merit copy.jpg
award_of_excellence_Medal_peace copy.jpg
award_of_excellence_Fofpeace copy.jpg
award_of_excellence_directing copy.jpg
award_of_merit_editing copy.jpg
BEST-SHORTS-REcognition-logo-gold copy.p
Accolade-REcognition-logo-Gold copy.png

~ Local magazine ‘The Fisherman’ ran the story of my two award wins from the Accolade competition.


~ Was in a Q&A interview in ‘The Burton Mail’ local paper's "5 Minutes with..." section.


~ My film trailer 'Mutated Monkey Tales' featured on the front page slideshow of the International Movie Trailer Festival's website for six and a half weeks.


~ Local newspaper ‘The Burton Mail’ ran the story of my double Award win from the Accolade competition.


~ Presented with Two Awards of Merit by Accolade Global Film Competition, one for 'Peace Man' Trailer in the 'Movie Trailer' category and 'Night of Light' film won their 'Animation' category.


~ Whilst checking the links to my site were working, through a search engine, I discovered I had been nominated for a Shorty Award by member(s) of the public.

Accolade-Merit-logo-Gold copy.png

~ Nature photo published on the cover of a local magazine.


~ Film 'Dreamer's Journey' selected to feature in the very first "Month of Machinima" event hosted by LEA (Linden Endowment of the Arts).


~ Won a Snowboard Design contest.

~ 'Peace Man' faux-trailer was one of the selected few chosen as part of a showcase at MoMAC (Monthly Machinima @ Media Arts Centre).


~ ‘Humanosaur’ faux-trailer featured on the “International Movie Trailer Festival” blog about its cutting edge production. ‘Night of Light’ trailer also won their animated trailer category.


~ Shortlisted for Kodak TV advert ‘Film Night’ to appear at Cannes Film Festival.


~ Won the National Space Society film contest with a film entitled ‘Dreamer’s Journey’.


~ ‘Night of Light’ presented at The Roxie Theatre in San Francisco.


~ ‘Night of Light’ and myself officially listed in IMDb (Internet Movie Database).


~ Created comics which won both categories in Koinup's "Second Life Comics Contest (MURKU)", despite being informed beforehand that contestants could only win in one of the two categories. For the full comic strip my work was entitled "It's a Mad Mad MadPea World!" and for the single frame entry my work was called "MadPea Soup".


~ ‘Night of Light’ won a Tube2SL Film Producer Award.

~ Published poem ‘Realm of Dreams’ in “Imagining Desires”.

~ Book trailer for Chris Mooney’s “The Missing” selected as a favourite on the site.


~ Artwork printed on official 2006 SidCity calendar.

~ ‘Night of Light’ screened at Flip Animation Festival. Published in their brochure, their Saturday show ticket, their website and popular current design issues magazine “Design Week”.

~ Showcased work at D&AD New Blood Exhibition in London.


~ Wallpaper motif design sold at website ‘Wallpaper on Demand’.


~ ‘Night of Light’ shown on IMAX.

~ ‘Night of Light’ aired across the City on Birmingham’s big screens.

~ ‘Night of Light’ appeared on the first film festival on trains “Rollingstock”.


~ 1st Prize publication of ‘Reign of Fire’ film poster design on the cover of “Far Beyond the Stars” – Alexander Siddig’s official fan club magazine.


~ Student of the Year Award.


~ Photography 1st Prize ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’ Novel.

~ Outstanding Student Achievement Award.




Once upon a time there was a young girl called Roxi who grew up in the countryside, somewhere right in the middle of England. She had an insatiable passion for art which continued into adulthood.


When she went to College she studied every aspect of art she could lay her creative hands on, as she wanted to be skilled in as many areas as possible. She eventually wanted to specialise in Graphic Design/Advertising but Lo and behold, as she was about to go to University, she realised she wanted to advertise films - so she studied the filmmaking and animation processes for her Degree.


Years down the line, caught up in the successes of her career in the Film Industry, she realised she missed the general Advertising realm and made a vow to return. So she attended School of Communication Arts 2.0, on that one year journey she discovered an amazing area to work in...Creative PR.


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